Women’s Work Success

Wellington, 29 April 2015
Women’s Work Success is a one day symposium for women who want more….

To be all that you can be. To find more meaning in your professional life. To connect your power points Women’s Work Success is for women who are feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, disillusioned, just not sure of where they are heading, and who know there must be more to work – that there must be a better way but don’t know exactly what or how.

Shirley was the MC and presenter of yoga sessions throughout the day.


The H Group Connection girls would like to acknowledge and thank Shirley for being our MC at the recent Woman’s Work-Success Symposium.   Shirley’s inspirational energy kept the participants and presenters on track throughout the day.   Between each session, Shirley educated us on, and had us practising, 6 different yoga stretches we could do while sitting at our work stations.… plus she and had the odd treat for us to savour as the day progressed.

Shirley is a true professional and we wish her all the success with her business ‘Yoga With Me.’

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