Yoga With Me expresses gratitude to the following people for their continued support, assistance, and gifts of talent and expertise.


          • My family and friends. I love you all.
          • Christina from Swell Fit Living, for being the spark that got me on this yoga journey.
          • Makaia from Motivate Me NZ, for gently persuading me to start the YWM Facebook community.
          • Cathy at Pause Yoga Studio, Eastbourne, for letting me use her beautiful studio for my photos.
          • Rob and Rory from ITsolved for this fabulous website.
          • Brooke R for her continued social media support, marketing advice and endless connections and networks.
          • Kim and Andy from Empower Studio, who offered their studio up for the first free YWM events.
          • The team at Lululemon Wellington for your ongoing support and happy faces.
          • Janelle from Flip Your Dog, for her awesome range of yoga pants.
          • Samantha Hannah, life stylist and personal branding guru, for her genuine kind heart and inspiring coffee catch-ups.