In My Yoga Bag – March

Each month I open up my yoga bag / hand bag / life and give you a quiz at the products, apparel and accessories I’m using and testing.  These are not just yoga products, they are products I use or try as part of my normal routine as a mum, professional career woman, #girlboss and yogi. There’s no made-up crap – just the facts and what I think. Enjoy!

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TRIED AND TRUE: Tailor Masque

I’ve used this Tailor masque for over three years now, and its my go to product when Im feeling oily and gunked up.  The secret is the NZ sourced bentonite clay that is deeply detoxifying, and the organic kanuka essential oil that purifies and soothes the skin.  My routine is to wash my face after coming back from a sweaty hot yoga class, put on the masque to my oily parts (pretty much the T-zone), make a cup of herbal tea, and sit down to relax while the masque dries.


SO FAR SO GOOD: Linden Leaves intensive repair eye cream

Im a bit crap when it comes to my eyes and often forget that they need just as much love as the rest of my face if I want to look fresh.  I’ve been using this Linden Leaves intensive repair eye cream for about three weeks now, and I’m loving the light formula that doesn’t feel like its pulling on my delicate eye area as I apply it. Im starting to use more and more natural products, but i need to know they are going to work.  I was drawn to this product because its enriched with certified organic white tea (high in antioxidants to help reduce the visible signs of ageing) and melon extract (a naturally rich source of skin loving vitamins) to promote healthy cell renewal. I’ve noticed that the dark circles under my eyes have reduced, so I’m stoked!


THE FIRST TIMER: Grin 100% natural toothpaste

Becoming more considered about what I put into my body, I was interested to try natural toothpaste as an alternative to the regular stuff that I mindlessly purchase every week.  Grin uses New Zealand sourced propolis, a compound produced by bees that has been shown in several studies as being effective in preventing dental decay and improving oral health.  The first thing I noticed was the taste – Grin uses peppermint oil which makes it super fresh and long lasting. The texture was nice too, and I felt nice and clean.  I’ll be keeping this puppy in my toilet bag and keep you updated on how its going 🙂



The honest truth: While I was sent the Linden Leaves eye cream and Grin toothpaste to try, what you read here (and everywhere on Yoga With Me) is what I honestly beleive about these products.  If I don’t like something, I won’t fib to you and say that I do.